Aqiqah Ceremony

Darus Salaam Mosque offers Aqiqah ceremony services, which is a traditional Islamic ceremony that is performed to celebrate the birth of a child. Aqiqah is a sunnah, or a recommended practice, in Islam and is usually performed seven days after the birth of a child.

Our Aqiqah ceremony services are designed to help families celebrate this special occasion in accordance with Islamic teachings. Our experienced team of religious figures, including Imams and scholars, are available to guide and officiate the Aqiqah ceremony.

The Aqiqah ceremony involves sacrificing an animal, usually a goat or a sheep, and distributing the meat to the poor and needy in the community. At Darus Salaam Mosque, we arrange for the sacrifice to be made and the meat to be distributed on behalf of the family. We also provide guidance on the appropriate amount of meat to be distributed and ensure that the meat is distributed to those in need.

In addition to the Aqiqah ceremony itself, we offer a range of additional services to support families throughout the process. This includes guidance on selecting an appropriate animal for sacrifice, advice on the correct way to distribute the meat, and assistance with planning the celebration itself.

At Darus Salaam Mosque, we understand the importance of Aqiqah in Islam and are committed to helping families celebrate this joyous occasion in accordance with Islamic tradition. Our team is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming environment for families and ensuring that the Aqiqah ceremony is conducted with the highest level of professionalism and respect for Islamic teachings.

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