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The Islamic divorce is a sensitive and important service provided to Muslim couples who have decided to end their marriage. Divorce, or “talaq” in Arabic, is a last resort for couples who have exhausted all possible avenues of reconciliation and is considered a permissible but undesirable option in Islam.

The Darus Salaam Mosque offers an Islamic divorce service that follows the principles of Islamic jurisprudence and takes into account the needs of both parties involved. The service is conducted by an Islamic scholar who is knowledgeable in Islamic family law and is trained in providing counseling and support to couples going through a divorce.

The Islamic divorce service at Darus Salaam Mosque begins with a consultation between the couple and the scholar to assess their situation and explore the possibility of reconciliation. The scholar listens to both parties and attempts to find common ground and a way forward that is in the best interests of all parties involved.

If reconciliation is not possible, the scholar then initiates the divorce proceedings by issuing the “Talaq” on behalf of the husband, as per the requirements of Islamic law. The process is conducted with compassion, sensitivity, and respect for the couple’s privacy and dignity.

The mosque also provides counseling and support services to help the couple cope with the emotional and practical aspects of divorce. The counseling services are designed to help the couple come to terms with the end of their marriage and to develop coping mechanisms to deal with the changes that follow.

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