Imam & Head Teacher

We are proud to introduce our Imam, who leads us in prayer and provides spiritual guidance to our community, Imam Ershad Ullah.

He is a highly respected scholar and religious leader with extensive experience in Islamic education and community service. He has dedicated his life to studying and teaching the Islamic faith and has spent many years working with diverse Muslim communities around the world.

Imam Ershad Ullah is a gifted teacher and speaker. He has a special talent for conveying the beauty and wisdom of Islam in a way that is accessible and meaningful to people of all backgrounds. He has a deep understanding of the challenges facing Muslims in today’s world, and he works tirelessly to help our community navigate these challenges with faith, wisdom, and compassion.

As our Imam, Ershad Ullah plays a central role in the life of our mosque. He leads our daily prayer services, delivers inspiring sermons and lectures, and provides counselling and guidance to individuals and families in our community. His presence and leadership have helped to create a vibrant and welcoming community that is dedicated to the principles of faith, brotherhood, and service. We are honoured to have Imam Ershad Ullah as the spiritual leader of our community, and we are grateful for his tireless efforts to help us deepen our faith and connect with Allah (SWT).



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